Stand Tall

Stand Tall
Hilary Rhoda in Glen Luchford's "Coming Next"


A Love Affair: Bottega Veneta

In the Spring of 2007, I fell in love with the design techniques of Tomas Maier, creative director for Bottega Veneta. Ever since then, he has always created clothes for his daintily sophisticated women, whom always has a knotted clutch. Take a trip with me (as it IS a trip down memory lane for me) and learn and watch the slow-changing designs of Tomas Maier.

Spring 2007

Fall 2007

Spring 2008

Fall 2008

Spring 2009

Fall 2009

Spring 2010

Fall 2010

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  1. 私がBottega に対する愛情について忘れる!!ボッテガ 財布私は道で少しセットされて快適になります。そして、非常に長い関係のようです!!bottega veneta 財布 だが、何か私の目を引きます、そして、私が私にはある愛の、ブランドが10倍に戻るのを感じてあらゆるです!!