Stand Tall

Stand Tall
Hilary Rhoda in Glen Luchford's "Coming Next"


Muiccia Prada's Set Up

On the heels of Muiccia Prada's latest collection for her family's label, everyone is gawking about her and her team's designs and casting. If there was ever a designer that was unpredictable, it is she. Thus, whatever is shown will generate buzz and whomever is walking will have a generous career extender (save Ymre Stiekema). For her Fall/Winter 2010/2011 collection, she showed "different" designs but wonderfully classic shapes that work on women with a normal size hip. But what has seemed to loom over everyone's head, without considerable thought, has been Muiccia's ability to subtly craft these shapes over several seasons of time, and it seems that we've finally paid attention.

Three out of the past four major Prada collections (including this one) have shown us a blast from the past and have created shapes that work well for women of different sizes. It seems that she has been setting us up since September 2008 (when she showed the first of three collections in question). Take a look for yourself. Images from Image of Muiccia Prada from Anyway James.

Spring 2009



Fall 2009



Fall 2010 



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