Stand Tall

Stand Tall
Hilary Rhoda in Glen Luchford's "Coming Next"


WIDE Set Eyes

When the name 'Penelope Tree' is uttered, one instantly imagines her grossly wide-set and expansively large eyes. If you were to draw her face on a sketchpad, it would most likely look like an alien's, but Penelope took this unique quality of hers and made it her career, lasting through the late 1960s and early 1970s. Dubbed "The Tree," she became the American symbol of the 60s, as Twiggy became the decade's British symbol.

 Image from Ecelcticaaa.

Now, Argentinian model Milagros Margaria has eyes that remind me of Ms. Tree's, position and all. At only 14, she can go far with such eyes (Lily Donaldson and Gemma Ward both made a career with these coveted eyes). The only difference between the two is Penelope's sloped jaw, which make her eyes seem further apart than they are. I look forward to seeing what she has in store for us. Image from

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